Primary Faculty

Anirban Sen Gupta, Ph.D.

Anirban Sen Gupta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Office: 517B Wickenden Building
Phone: (216)368-4564
Fax: (216)368-4969
Mail Address: Room 309 Wickenden Building
2071 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44106-7207

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Research Summary

Our principal research focus is on Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine. It encompasses mechanistic understanding of biological and pathological phenomena at the cellular, sub-cellular and biomolecular levels, and utilizing this knowledge to create bioinspired therapeutic and diagnostic technologies to interrogate, support, or treat the various phenomena. To this end, our laboratory focuses on understanding the complex pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and then on using this insight to develop disease-targeted therapeutic strategies by integrating critical physical, chemical and biological components at nano-to-micro scales. Our main research interests are in the areas of (i) novel biomaterials to modulate biologic interactions and responses, and (ii) drug formulation and disease-targeted drug delivery systems. The physiological and pathological areas we focus on are hemostasis, thrombosis, inflammation, immune response and cancer metastasis. The tools that we use are biochemical properties like disease-relevant heteromultivalent ligand-receptor interactions, integrated with biophysical attributes of biomaterial platforms like shape, size, charge and morphology), to create customizable and translatable targeted drug delivery technologies.

Selected Recent Publications (for a complete list of publications, please refer to Curriculum Vitae):

  • H Haji-Valizadeh, C L Modery-Pawlowski, A Sen Gupta. An FVIII-derived Peptide Enables VWF-binding of a Synthetic Platelet Surrogate without Interfering with Natural Platelet Adhesion to VWF. Nanoscale 2014, 6(9):4765-4773.
  • C.L. Modery-Pawlowski, A Sen Gupta. Heteromultivalent Ligand-decoration for Actively Targeted nanomedicine. Biomaterials 2014; 35(9):2568-2579.
  • C.L. Modery-Pawlowski, A.M. Master, V. Pan, G.P. Howard, A. Sen Gupta. A platelet-mimetic paradigm for metastasis-targeted nanomedicine platforms. Biomacromolecules. 2013; 14(3):910-919.
  • C.L. Modery-Pawlowski, L.L. Tian, M. Ravikumar, T.L. Wong, A. Sen Gupta. In vitro and in vivo hemostatic capabilities of a functionally integrated platelet-mimetic liposomal nanoconstruct. Biomaterials. 2013, 34(12):3031-41.
  • C.L. Modery-Pawlowski, L.L. Tian, V. Pan, KR McCrae, S Mitragotri, A. Sen Gupta. Approaches to synthetic platelet analogs. Biomaterials. 2013, 34(2):526-541
  • A.M. Master, A. Sen Gupta. EGF receptor-targeted nanocarriers for enhanced cancer treatment. Nanomedicine: Future Medicine (Lond). 2012 Dec;7(12):1895-906
  • A.M. Master, M. Livingston, A. Sen Gupta. Photodynamic nanomedicine in the treatment of solid tumors: Perspectives and challenges. J Control Release. 2013; 168(1): 88-102.
  • A. M. Master, A. Malamas, R. Solanki, D, Liggett, J.L. Eiseman, A. Sen Gupta. A Cell-targeted Photodynamic Nanomedicine Strategy for Head-&-Neck Cancers. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2013; 10(5): 1988-1997.
  • M. Ravikumar, T. Wong, C. Modery, A. Sen Gupta. Peptide-decorated Liposomes Promote Arrest and Aggregation of Activated Platelets under Flow on Vascular Injury Relevant Protein Surfaces In Vitro. Biomacromolecules 2012, 13, 1495−1502
  • M. Ravikumar, C. Modery, T. Wong, A. Sen Gupta. Mimicking Adhesive Functionalities of Blood Platelets using Ligand-decorated Liposomes. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2012, 23(6):1266-1275.
  • C. Modery, M. Ravikumar, T. Wong, M. Dzuricky, N. Durongkaveroj, A. Sen Gupta. Heteromultivalent Liposomal Nanoconstructs for Enhanced Targeting and Shear-stable Binding to Active Platelets for Site-selective Vascular Drug Delivery. Biomaterials 2011, 32(35): 9504-9514.
  • A. Sen Gupta. Nanomedicine Approaches in Vascular Disease: A Review. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 2011, 7(6): 763-779.


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