Primary Faculty

Hunter Peckham, Ph.D.

P. Hunter Peckham, Ph.D.
Donnell Institute Professor; Director, Functional Electrical Stimulation Center

Office: Room 116 Wickenden Building 2500 MetroHealth Drive, Cleveland, OH
Phone: (216)-778-3480
Fax: (216)-778-4259
Mail Address: Room 309 Wickenden Building 2071 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Cleveland, OH 44106-7207

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Research Summary

The major area of Dr. Peckham's research is in rehabilitation engineering and neuroprostheses. Dr. Peckham's research effort focuses on functional restoration of the paralyzed upper extremity in individuals with spinal cord injury. He and collaborators have developed implantable neural prostheses which utilize electrical stimulation to control neuromuscular activation. They have implemented procedures to provide control of grasp-release in individuals with tetraplegia. This function enables individuals with central nervous system disability to regain the ability to perform essential activities of daily living. His present efforts concern the integration of technological rehabilitation and surgical approaches to restore functional capabilities.

Recent Publications

•  Frontera, Walter, et al.,  Rehabilitation Medicine Summit: Building Research Capacity. J. Rehab Res & Dev, 42(6), 2005.
•  Peckham PH, Knutson JS,  Functional electrical stimulation for neuromuscular applications,   Ann. Rev. Biomed. Eng. 7:327-60, 2005.
•  Peckham PH, Gorman PH:  Functional electrical stimulation in the 21st century.  Topics in SCI Rehabilitation,  10(2):126-150, 2004.
•  Bryden AM, Wuolle KS, Murray PK and Peckham PH,  The Utilization and Perceived Outcomes of Upper Extremity Surgical Reconstruction in Persons with Tetraplegia at Model Spinal Cord Injury Systems.  Spinal Cord 42:169-176, 2004.
•  Knutson JS, Hoyen HA, Kilgore KL, Peckham PH,  Simulated neuroprosthesis state activation and hand-position control using myoelectric signals from wrist muscles.  JRRD 41:461-472, 2004.


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