Primary Faculty

Efstathios (Stathis) Karathanasis, Ph.D.

Efstathios (Stathis) Karathanasis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Office: Room B110 Bolwell Building
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Phone: (216)-844-5281
Fax: (216)-844-4987
Mail Address: Room 309 Wickenden Building 2071 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Cleveland, OH 44106-7207

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Research Summary

The Karathanasis Laboratory for Cancer Nanotechnology focuses on cancer nanomedicine and its translational applications. Specifically, we exploit the engineerable nature of nanoparticle technology to develop  clinically relevant therapeutic and imaging agents for hard-to-treat cancers based on the integration of nanotechnology, oncology, imaging science and cancer biology. Using quantitative in vitro and in vivo analyses, we study the relation between the physical characteristics of nanoparticles (size, shape, etc.) and the nanoparticle’s navigation through different biological processes to extract design parameters that improve the in vivo performance of nanoparticles. Furthermore, our research program develops nanoparticle imaging agents for MRI, CT, optical and molecular imaging to enable non-invasive in vivo interrogation at super-high resolutions and highly accurate diagnosis of disease. Our lab is located at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and is part of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Case Center for Imaging Research.  To learn more about cancer and imaging research at Case, we encourage you to further explore the websites of our lab and its affiliiated centers.

Representative Publications

  1. P.M. Peiris, A. Abramowski, J. Mcginnity, E. Doolittle, R. Toy, R. Gopalakrishnan, S. Shah, L. Bauer, K.B. Ghaghada, C. Hoimes, S. Brady-Kalnay, J.P. Basilion, M.A. Griswold, E. Karathanasis, Treatment of invasive brain tumors using a chain-like nanoparticle, Cancer Research (2015) doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-14-1540
  2. R. Toy, L. Bauer, C. Hoimes, K.B. Ghaghada, E. Karathanasis, Targeted Nanotechnology for cancer imaging, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 76 (2014) 79-97
  3. P.M. Peiris, R. Toy, A. Abramowski, P. Vicente; S. Tucci, L. Bauer, A. Mayer, M. Tam, E. Doolittle, J. Pansky, E. Tran, D. Lin, W.P. Schiemann, K.B. Ghaghada, M.A. Griswold, E. Karathanasis, Treatment of cancer micrometastasis using a multicomponent chain-like nanoparticle, Journal of Controlled Release 173 (2014) 51-59 (*Cover and featured article)
  4. R. Toy, P.M. Peiris, K.B. Ghaghada, E. Karathanasis, Shaping cancer nanomedicine: The effect of particle shape on the in vivo journey of nanoparticles, Nanomedicine (Lond) 9(1) (2014) 121-134
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  6. P. Peiris, R. Toy, E. Doolittle, J. Pansky, A. Abramowski, M. Tam, P. Vicente, E. Tran, E. Hayden, A. Camann, A. Mayer,  B. Erokwu, Z. Berman, D. Wilson, H. Baskaran, C. Flask, R. Keri, E. Karathanasis, Imaging metastasis using an integrin-targeting chain-shaped nanoparticle. ACS Nano (2012) 8783-8795
  7. P. Peiris, L. Bauer, R. Toy, E. Tran, J. Pansky, E. Doolittle, E. Schmidt, E. Hayden, A. Mayer, R. Keri, M. Griswold, E. Karathanasis, Enhanced Delivery of Chemotherapy to Tumors Using a Multi-Component Nanochain with Radiofrequency-Tunable Drug Release, ACS Nano 6(5) (2012) 4157-4168


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