Primary Faculty

Miklos Gratzl, Ph.D.

Miklos Gratzl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Office: Room 425 Wickenden Building
Phone: (216)-368-6589 / 6585
Fax: (216)-368-4969
Mail Address: Room 309 Wickenden Building 2071 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Cleveland, OH 44106-7207
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Research Summary

Development and biomedical application of chemical sensing schemes is the focus of my laboratory. Diagnostics in 1-20 microliter body fluids and other samples is performed using micro fabricated electrochemical and optical sensors and an electrochemical micro-pH-stat. We also developed an equivalent of rotating electrode for microliter samples, called the rotating sample system. For cellular research, a diffusional microburet has been developed to continuously deliver reagents and drugs into single live cells. Fluorescence microscopy is employed to quantitate intracellular accumulation. Efflux is measured with a carbon fiber based electrochemical microsensor that can detect Adriamycin, a cancer drug, extruded from cells at very low concentrations. Neurochemical studies as well as measurements at epithelial cell layers are also performed with different microscopic sensing schemes.

Recent Publications


Oruganti P, Gratzl M, Rate limiting hydrodynamivc resistance for controlled reagent delivery. Anal. Chem., in press.


Kao LT, Shetty G, Gratzl M, Electrochemical pH-stat for microliter fluid specimens.  J. ECS, 2006.


Tohda K, Gratzl M, Micro-miniature autonomous optical sensor array for monitoring ions and metabolites. Anal. Sci. 22 (7) 937-941 (2006)


Tohda K, Gratzl M, Micro-miniature autonomous optical sensor array for monitoring ions and metabolites. Part 1. Design, fabrication, and data analysis. Anal. Sci., 22, 383-388 (2006) (article featured on cover of journal, and designated as "hot" article).


Shetty G, Syed N, Tohda K, Gratzl M, Hydrodynamic electrochemistry in 20 mL drops in the rotating sample system. Anal. Sci.  21 (10), 1155-1160 (2005) (article featured on cover of journal).


Nair S, Gratzl M, Deconvolution of concentration recordings at live cell preparations via shape error optimization. Anal. Chem., 77(9), 2875-2881 (2005).


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